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Equine Chiropractor

Kate Moga, DVM, CAC, has been practicing veterinary medicine, with an emphasis in lameness, geriatric care, and dentistry, in Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties since 2010.

Chiropractic care adds another dimension to her practice.  Instead of being limited to medications, supplements, needles and surgery, she can help horses help themselves heal. 

“Horses, as well as humans, have an innate intelligence that allows the body to maintain homeostasis as long as neurologic pathways remain open.  When a horse gets a laceration on the leg a vet comes out to suture it.  The skin is opposed but it is the body that knows to march the cells across the wound to heal it, the sutures merely oppose the skin.

Chiropractic adjustments will help horses and canines where they need it, including reducing pain and muscle hypertonicity, and increasing joint range of motion.”

Kate lives with her husband Jeff and their 7 year old son Maxwell in downtown FXBG, where she is the solo veterinarian of her ambulatory practice, Olde Towne Equine, llc.  Look for her on facebook or on the web: @drkatehorsevet,, call or text 540-239-3122.

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