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Equine Medical Emergencies!

Head Wound - Don't have any pictures due to the severity of Grace's wound.  It was the worst head wound I have seen!  She had sliced open her forehead from center of forehead to the poll, her left  temporal muscle was hanging out and the skin around her ear was hanging off.  It took about three hours to suture her up!  She has a head bandage on right now and I am going out today to check on her and change the bandage. Colic - Called out late at night to see a mare who was clicking.  She had a two month old foal at her side and was very thin, BCS 3/9. Palpation per rectum showed a colon that had shifted and was distended.  Referral, IV fluids were not an option due to costs consideration.  Left her with some enteral fluids via naso-gastric tube and pain medication.  She got painful again the next day and was treated again. She had been fine since!

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