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Horse With a Large Hook On Cheek Tooth

I went out this afternoon to see two middle aged horses, both new to my practice.  Neither had seen a vet in about two years and that was the last time they had an oral exam or dental work.  They had consistent, good care otherwise. The first horse I sedated for a complete oral exam with speculum and found an enormous 206 hook.  The hook was only present on one side which is somewhat unusual.  The rest of the mouth was not unusually bad for a middle aged horse, minimal periodontal disease, small wave formation and sharp points.   The tooth opposing the 206 hook needed some work, the larger tooth had caused uneven wear to the tooth below it.

I guess what made this case interesting to me was the large size of the 206 tooth that was just on one side of the mouth and the fact that I could reduce it with my hand floats.   It did take a lot of work!  I only wish I had taken before and after pictures.  But, it was the last appointment of the day and I needed to pick up my son at day care.

I know I have made this horse more comfortable and it will be able to use its teeth further into old age.  It is very satisfying.

This is a large hook on a horse tooth.
Hook On Equine Tooth

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